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Seacocks – Getting Familiar with a Charter Boat

Seacocks are designed to let water flow out of the hull safely. They are not one-way valves so any loose clamps around the seacock itself create leaks around the hoses and can allow water to enter into the boat. This is usually bad – right?  The hoses connected to seacocks and through hull fittings should be double hose clamped for security.  The handles are used to close and open seacocks to the outside.

When you’re checking over your boat – give the seacocks a once over as well and make certain that you know the location of EVERY seacock in the boat. If you begin taking on water in the boat, often a problem seacock is the cause. Thus, knowing the locations of each seacock saves you precious time when searching for the water leak source.

One time our boat was taking on water, but only when under sail. It was the strangest thing! Turns out, one of the hoses from the forward hand basin had slipped off from the sink drain. When the boat healed over, only on starboard, this area became lower than the outside water, and thus water would come in. Check your seacocks!


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