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Mooring a Sailboat

Mooring a vessel means attaching it to a float that is firmly and permanently anchored to the sea bottom.

Some cities and communities provide mooring balls in lovely serene bays and coves; some free, some not. Many times, private individuals own the mooring balls. Some are available for rent and some are not. You will need to check the local cruising guide. Sometimes the mooring ball itself will have contact instructions.

To obtain a mooring ball, check the local guide to see the procedure. Sometimes you can call the harbormaster and make a reservation beforehand. It is no fun to arrive at a spot where you intend to moor and discover there aren’t any balls available. Other times in popular chartering areas, you need to arrive early to be assured of a ball.

There are different types of mooring balls.

Below is an interactive photo series from the BVI. Tap the images to cycle through the various mooring buoys you will encounter. Worldwide, white mooring balls with a blue stripe are designated as overnight mooring balls for recreational vessels.


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Topic: Anchoring and Mooring
Authors: Grant Headifen, NauticEd Global Director of Education
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