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Helpful Hints about Wind

Since the existence of wind is the primary reason we can sail, it is prudent to know all we can about it. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Periodically take 1/2 second glances at the wind vane at the top of the mast or the wind meter.
  • Simpler signs of wind direction and velocity include flags, telltales, your hair, and birds. Birds, when given the opportunity, generally sit with their beak into the wind.
  • Ripples on the water form 90 degrees to the wind. If you can envision the ripples as horizontal lines, then the wind is perpendicular to the ripple lines.
  • If you put your nose directly into the wind, you will hear the wind equally in both ears.

There are many ways to judge how the wind is hitting your vessel, and these tend to become intuitive with experience—you simply sense the wind. This is when you truly have the “feeling” of sailing.


trimming the sails

Trimming the Sails

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Source: Skipper
Topic: Sailing Maneuvers
Authors: Grant Headifen, NauticEd Global Director of Education
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