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Heave To

Heave To in sailing is a way to stop the boat with full sails still up. You might do this to stop the boat in case someone falls overboard and if they can easily swim back to the boat, or you might do it just to stop for lunch. You’ll learn how to do this later.

But for now, in the NauticEd courses, we also use Heave To as a way to take an interesting break. So this page is a Heave To moment. It is completely voluntary and you can move right on through if you like.


Heave To

(Time for a break)

We want you to meet Michael and Jessie. A young Australian spearfishing couple with a sailboat. Learn more about Australia as they explore their backyard; diving, spearfishing and line fishing in their best attempts to live off the ocean.


After spending over a decade traveling to the ends of the earth to chase fish and experience some amazing underwater encounters it only seemed natural to finally live on the ocean. With little sailing experience, they spent their life savings on a 37ft Peter Snell Easy Catamaran renamed “Popao”.


In this episode of their Sailing Popao youtube channel Michael and Jessie are caught in a massive storm while on anchor. 




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Now, back to work!

End Heave To


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Authors: Grant Headifen, NauticEd Global Director of Education
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